How it works

Select your postcode and delivery timeslot

Enter your delivery postcode in the top banner.

If we deliver to you the timeslot options will appear in the banner next to your postcode. Products available to your postcode will appear.

If we aren’t delivering to you just yet, please ensure you leave your details so we can be in touch on when we are.


Order your grocery items and checkout online

Work your way through the categories and all our products, add your desired items to your cart and checkout.

Estimate total amount will be provided. This is the best estimated based on the weight of our fresh produce. We endeavour to prepare your order as closest to the weight order as possible

Ensure the desired delivery timeslot is a time on when someone will be home to receive your order.

Each local supplier will freshly prepare and pack your items

Once your order is received, each local independent retailer will freshly prepare and pack your items.

The total order cost may differ from checkout estimated cost, once your fresh produce is weighed and packed. We do however try and get this as accurate as possible. Your credit card will be charge with this updated amount. Any payment failure may cause your order to be automatically cancelled.


Freshness will be on it’s way

One of our dedicated team members will collect and deliver your order to your door contactless.